Farrah Abraham And Jenelle Evans To Star In ‘Teen Mom’ Spinoff [Report]

Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans could be getting a Teen Mom spinoff.

MTV is reportedly planning a one-time spinoff episode that would feature Abrahams, Evans, and their estranged mothers living under one roof.

A source said, “Network executives are exploring having the Teen Mom stars live in a house with their mothers for a week, or more, all while cameras roll, kind of like Big Brother.

The focus of the spinoff would be on trying to mend the relationships between the 21-year-old single mothers and their own mothers.

“The special would focus on dissecting and repairing the relationships between the reality stars and their mothers,” the source added. “The Teen Moms’ children would be on the premises during filming, but they wouldn’t be featured on the special.”

Abraham revealed earlier this week that she was considering moving to Los Angeles for her own spinoff series. Only this one would feature her 4-year-old daughter, Sophia.

“Sophia will of course be in it,” she said. My daughter is part of my life; she is going to be involved.”

If the special does get the green light, it will be interesting to see the dynamic between Abraham and Evans, who have been very vocal about their dislike for each other. Evans said Abraham annoyed her, and mocked her in a Keek video. Abraham responded by saying that Evans was jealous of her, and then went on to say that she “seems to continuously not care about her son or herself.”

Since their respective runs on Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans have consistently made headlines for their outlandish behavior. Evans not only got pregnant for a second time and practically live-tweeted her miscarriage, but she was also arrested for heroin possession and assault. Abraham was arrested on suspicion of DUI and released a “sex tape” with porn star James Deen.

Do you think Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans should get a spinoff?