17 Puppies Dumped Along Indiana Road Have All Found Homes

It looks like a happy ending after all for the 17 abandoned puppies found near Indiana Dunes State Park, last Friday. All 17 puppies have already found homes, with their applications in the final stages of adoption, according to the Lakeshore PAWS nonprofit organization.

The puppies were found by concerned local resident, Karen Reader, who saw the 17 puppies dumped along an Indiana Road last Friday night. Reader saw the driver of a gold SUV dump the 17 puppies along with their mother on the side of the State Park Road in Porter Indiana and then speed off.

The Labrador mixed puppies appear to be from two separate litters and were originally sent to the Porter County Animal Shelter after being rescued. The shelter then contacted the Lakeshore PAWS nonprofit, who quickly found homes for all of the pups-with over 70 applications sent to Lakeshore PAWS on their behalf.

The mother is currently being fostered and will be put up for adoption when the timing is correct. She is currently underweight and frightened by new people but is expected to fully recover from the stressful ordeal.

Each of the 17 abandoned puppies has already been assigned to a family, and all puppies will be spayed or neutered before joining their forever homes this coming Tuesday.

While adoptions may be closed for the 17 abandoned puppies found near Indiana dunes, there are still numerous shelter cats and dogs which still need to find their loving, forever homes.

Approximately 3 to 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized every year across shelters nationwide in the US, according to the ASPCA. This means that 60% of dogs and 70% of cats which enter shelters nationwide do not find homes every year, and you can still make a difference in the lives of just one lucky dog or cat.

Numerous pet adoption sites online like Petfinder, Adopt A Pet and the ASPCA, can help you in your search to adopt a four legged forever friend. You can also pay a visit to your local animal shelter, see if your local animal shelter has a website, or a Facebook or Twitter page, if you’re looking to adopt a dog or cat.

Inquisitr Readers: What do you think about the 17 puppies dumped along the Indiana road, and what do you think should happen to the person who abandoned the 18 dogs? Have you ever adopted a dog or cat before?

[Image Via: Lakeshore PAWS]