J.J. Abrams Gets ‘Star Wars 7’ Suggestions From Lando, Captain Kirk

J.J. Abrams recently finished up his latest Star Trek movie and now he’s ready to move on to Star Wars: Episode 7. The director is currently working on the new story and he’s apparently willing to take crowd suggestions.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Abrams took some suggestions from the audience about what to do with the new Star Warsmovie. William Shatner and Billy Dee Williams were both in the audience and had some pretty good ideas for the next movie.

Williams thinks Star Wars 7 should be some sort of space porn that features Lando Calrissian and a bunch of beautiful ladies.

Some of the audience members agree that Star Wars needed more sex but suggested that the love scenes should be between Chewie and Leia.

William Shatner also showed up to pitch an idea to Abrams. Shatner says that the director should get rid of classic characters like Hans Solo and Lando in favor for the galaxy’s most beloved hero, Captain Kirk.

Shatner said: “You know, this Hands Solo, Lando… Captain Kirk! No rules, just a road trip of a lifetime sort of thing. I actually already wrote it. I also agree that Leia and Chewie should do it. Here, I’ve made some sketches.”

Well, now is as good of time as any… Should Chewie and Leia do it in the new Star Wars movie?