Kimmel: Judge Judy Appointed To Supreme Court, Everybody Has An Opinion [Video]

Kimmel’s Judge Judy hoax makes for some hilarious video, which you can see down below. In his latest street interview for his Lie Witness News series, comedian Jimmy Kimmel asked average Americans to respond to President Barack Obama’s recent appointment of Judge Judy Scheindlin to the Supreme Court.

The hoax was in response to a recent report that Americans trusted the plain-spoken judge more than anyone on the US Supreme Court.

The popular Judge Judy recently extended her contract with CBS through 2017, which means that the top-rated afternoon program will run for what she described as a blackjack — a cool 21 years. Even before the renewal, the 70-year-old judge was widely reported to be taking home $45 million in salary. Whoa.

Folks, Jimmy Kimmel Live is a comedy show. It could be that the interviews never happened. These folks could all be actors.

But then again it could be that the interviews are just what they’re represented to be — on-the-spot questions put to random individuals who are happy to weave a story to get on TV.

If someone stuck a camera in front of me and asked me a question, I’d probably pull a reasonable sounding off-the-cuff work of bull**** out of my rear end. Wouldn’t you? Don’t even pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.

And, if that’s the case, you have to admire the quick-thinking responses from interviewees in the Kimmel Judge Judy video. They may be spouting off completely invented answers like “Oh I think it’s just a publicity stunt” and “There’s a government cover-up somewhere surrounding that case” but it beats stammering and stuttering, right?

Some of these fine folks probably could have had a great career in politics. Why mumble a sheepish “no comment” when you can boldly state “I don’t know why Obama is pandering, he already has the approval ratings”?


What’s your take? Faked interviews or the real deal? Either way, the Kimmel Judge Judy hoax is hilarious.

[Judge Judy arriving for a 2011 Kimmel appearance photo by RoidRanger /]

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