America Trusts Judge Judy More Than Supreme Court Justices [Poll]

Nine justices sit on the Supreme Court, America’s highest judicial body. But all of that legal authority is trumped by a 5? 1? daytime television hellcat named Judge Judy Sheindlin.

A recent Reader’s Digest poll shows that America trusts the authority of Judge Judy a lot more than that of the Supreme Court, a group which is the final legal authority in the land, deciding the most high-level and controversial issues, irreversibly changing the landscape of politics for decades with each ruling.

Forget healthcare. Forget Roe v. Wade. When it’s time for tough decisions, we prefer the woman with the stones to roll her eyes and yawn “oh, please” at a guy for dragging his ex-girlfriend to court demanding thousands in emotional trauma after he slashed her tires.

We covered the poll to some extent here, but an interesting tidbit we overlooked concerned Judge Judy and, to a lesser extent, TV personality Judge Joe Brown.

In the battle for America’s trust, Judge Judy has a 51 percent trust level while Judge Joe has 48 percent. Each Supreme Court Justice didn’t even come close.

For the poll, Reader’s Digest teamed with the Wagner Group, compiling a list of over 200 famous Americans voted on by 1,000 individuals.

Least-trusted included Tom Cruise with 27 percent, Kristen Stewart with 22 percent, Ashton Kutcher with 20 percent, and Lady Gaga with 20 percent. Lance Armstrong was at 11 percent and Kim Kardashian was at 8 percent, so in the end, Americans trust cheaters, reality TV stars, and weird musicians the least.

Despite all of the celebrity hubbub, the most trusted people in America are not celebrities. The poll found that people’s personal doctors are actually the most trusted with 77 percent.

Are you a fan of Judge Judy?

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