Greenpeace Coca-Cola Ad Accuses Coke Of Killing Birds [Video]

A Greenpeace Coca-Cola ad is targeting the popular coke producer by accusing the beverage industry as a whole of killing all the birds.

The Greenpeace Coca-Cola ad starts out innocently enough, even looking like a normal coke commercial at first. People are shown strolling around the beach taking gulps from plastic coke bottles. Then the bodies hit the floor.

The Greenpeace Coca-Cola ad highlights how sea birds often mistake shiny plastic floating in the ocean for food, which then fills their stomachs and can lead to starvation and death. They give a gruesome reminder at the end, showing the skeletal remains of a sea bird whose inwards were filled with miscellaneous plastic parts from bottles.

Greenpeace claims in its Coca-Cola ad that “Coke is fighting legislation that will help solve the problem.” The Greenpeace Coca-Cola ad is referring to the fact that Coca-Cola fought and won against a contain-deposit recycling program in Australia because it was bad for business. The recycling program reportedly doubled recycling rates in the Northern Territory, but it also cost so many cents per bottle that was recycled.

The Greenpeace Coca-Cola ad is facing another type of controversy. Greenpeace raised $20,000 to play this ad during during Channel Nine’s Friday Night Football broadcast in Australia. But Channel Nine accepted the money only to ban it, calling the Greenpeace Coca-Cola ad “offensive” and biased.

“They took the money and now they’ve bottled it,” Greenpeace’s Reece Turner said. “Coke has been accused of bullying politicians into blocking cash for containers. It’s a reasonable assumption their influence is behind Channel Nine’s last-minute choking.”

In response, Channel Nine defended their decision to yank the Greenpeace Coke ad:

“We had no issue in taking the original booking from Greenpeace but on reviewing the content we deemed it to be offensive to our viewers and so advised the client we would not proceed with the placement on the Network. We have refunded the original deposit.”

What do you think about the Greenpeace Coca-Cola ad?