Taylor Swift Fan Arrested After Swimming To Her Beach House

An obsessed fan of Taylor Swift was arrested earlier this week after he allegedly swam to the singer’s Rhode Island beach home.

According to TMZ, 22-year-old Lucas H. Vorsteveld, of Chicago, was spotted by police getting out of the ocean nearby Swift’s $17 million dollar mansion on Wednesday morning.

As we previously reported, Swift recently purchased the sprawling 11,000-plus square-foot beachfront estate and paid cash to close the deal.

Upon being questioned by police, Vorsteveld confessed that he wanted to meet the country/pop singer but decided to swim back after seeing her security team.

The fan was then booked for trespassing and is reportedly scheduled to be arraigned on May 24.

After the arrest, a representative for the Westerly Police Department told TMZ, “There is a zero tolerance policy for trespassers.”

It is unknown if Swift was at her home during the time of the incident.

It isn’t the first time Taylor has come across an obsessed fan.

At the end of last year, 24-year-old Jacob Nicholas Kulke was arrested after climbing a fence and a secured gate at her home in Nashville.

The man — who was jailed on a trespassing charge — told police he traveled from his home in Wisconsin to surprise the pop songstress on her 23rd birthday.

Speaking about over obsessed fans, Taylor Swift told Cosmopolitan magazine in 2012:

“I get nervous when I have stalker incidents. I try not to talk too much about it because it scares me. Sometimes you get a dude who kind of wants to steal you. That’s why I’m so grateful I have people looking after me, like [my bodyguard] Dennis”

Despite her fears, Taylor said she doesn’t intend to live her life around stalkers.

“There are a lot of them. I just try to be safe and be conscious of people around me,” she relates. “It’s something you just have to deal with. It’s the price you pay for getting to do what you love. You can let it take over your life and make you fearful all the time, or you can live your life in spite of it.”