Big Bang Theory Finale: Actor Simon Helberg Drops Hints About Thursday’s Episode

Actor Simon Helberg said that The Big Bang Theory finale tonight will end with a big cliff hanger.

The show, which was recently picked up for a seventh season, has built a huge following for CBS. The show may not have the dramatic story lines of TV drama’s like Breaking Bad but Helberg promises that there will be “some exciting, groundbreaking events” during The Big Bang Finale.

According to NPR, tonight’s episode will focus on Leonard as he gets an offer to join Stephen Hawking on a four month expedition to the North Sea. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime for the character (played by Johnny Galecki) but it will force him to make a choice between science and love.

Helberg said: “This time, the adventure is for Leonard … Howard finds Stephen Hawking’s crew is sending out an expedition to the North Sea, and he gets Leonard a job, going on a boat for four months … The obstacle is Penny and Leonard have never been better. So, is he really going to leave her for four months?”

Helberg said that Leonard’s decision will have a ripple effect through the community as people get “jealous” and “nervous.”

Helberg told Rolling Stone: “It is obviously going to have a ripple effect throughout all the relationships on the show. Then people get jealous, people get afraid, or nervous. There’s a going-away party, and without saying anything that’s giving away too much, there’s definitely some groundbreaking events that nobody has ever seen on The Big Bang Theory that will occur in this finale. It’s an exciting one.”

The Big Bang Theory has doubled its debut audience and now has nearly 20 million people tuning in each week. CBS renewed the show for a 7th season and Helberg believes that The Big Bang Theory will be around for a few more years after next year’s finale.

Helberg said: “I think we’re all having a good time and I think the show is far from being stale. It is kind of constantly — not reinventing itself — but just expanding on these characters. So, yeah, I think we’re going strong for now, as long as people keep inviting us in.”

Here’s a preview for The Big Bang Theory season finale.

The CBS show has been setting new ratings records all year but the show will have some pretty stiff competition tonight. The Office will be closing its door for the last time tonight on NBC.

Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? Are you excited for the finale tonight?