Deer Flies Through Bus Window, Lives To Tell Bambi About It

A CamTran bus in suburban Johnstown was attacked by a deer on Tuesday evening, and the entire event was caught on video.

The bus was driving down the 200 block of Goucher Street when all of a sudden a deer flew through the large glass window on the front of the bus.

After flying through the window, the deer, amazingly still alive, attempted to jump back out of the window.

The failed attempt led the deer to anxiously wander around the bus in search of an escape path.

The security cam on the bus caught the entire event on tape including the moment when bus driver John Porter opened the passenger door and allowed the deer to go on its way.

According to Mr. Porter: “I don’t know what is going on in my mind during the time, it shocked me and scared me a little bit.”

Porter then adds: “I was trained properly to keep calm and cool.”

Amazingly, Mr. Porter not only didn’t freak out; he actually took care to slow the bus down at a nice rate so he wouldn’t freak out the already panicky deer.

Watch the video,and you’ll see a rather calm bus driver considering a deer just flew through his bus’ window:

John Porter tells WJACTV: “I am lucky it went through the other window than the drivers side, because it would have been different.”

One passenger was also on the bus, and they were not harmed during the event.

Could you keep your cool if you were driving a bus and a deer flew through the window?