Arias Death Penalty Phase: Jury Deliberates, Kirstie Alley Tweets Pro-Death Message

UPDATE: The jury is back with the new Arias death penalty decision. Jodi Arias reportedly remained calm as the jury returned a decision that the killing of Travis Alexander was exceptionally cruel, which will allow the death penalty to be considered during the sentencing phase of her trial in Maricopa County, Arizona.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Jodi Arias death penalty deliberations have begun. The same jurors that already convicted 32-year-old Arias of first degree murder in the killing and shooting murder of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, must now decide if she can be sentenced to death for the crime.

Alexander was stabbed 27 times, his throat was cut, and he was shot in the face.

In order for the death penalty to be an option for her sentencing, the jury must now find that the crime was aggravated by being especially cruel, depraved, or heinous. Arias has famously said that she would choose to be put to death over life in prison, but convicted murders aren’t allowed to make that choice.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez made another hard-hitting argument against Arias: “The last thing [Alexander] saw before he lapsed into unconsciousness…was that blade coming to his throat…And the last thing he felt before he left this earth was pain.”

Jodi Arias spent the weekend on suicide watch after last week’s conviction in Alexander’s bloody killing. His family sobbed, and Jodi Arias herself seemed to be fighting back tears.

Now the crowd is waiting for the jury to reach a decision. Some people wonder why it’s taking so long.

Here’s Kirstie Alley’s take on it:

But she’s far from the only observer who is experiencing those emotions:

At the time of writing, the jury was still debating. We’ll update when they reach a decision.

This jury hasn’t been hurried in anything they do — including the Arias death penalty decision.

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