Apple iPhone To Ditch Home Button, Move Towards Capacitive Touch Area

Is Apple preparing to ditch the push-style home button that has remained a centerpiece of its devices design aesthetics? A new rumor suggests that Apple will remove the home button for the next iPhone release, instead replacing the smartphone button with a capacitive touch area that would utilize the same functionality.

Some rumors pointed to the home button implementing a fingerprint reader, but the only evidence supporting that rumor has been Apple’s 2012 acquisition of security firm Authentec.

The new rumor suggests that Apple will replace the home button with a sapphire glass coating that is meant to avoid scratches to its surface.

The suggestion for the new display comes from a Taiwanese tech site, which also claims that the scratch-resistant glass will be the same material currently used to protect the camera on the Apple iPhone 5.

Apple is no stranger to removing moveable hardware with touchscreen options. After years of use, Apple replaced the scrolling wheel found on its iPods with touch-sensitive areas.

Experts are still mulling over the possibility that Apple’s fingerprint technology could potentially be used alongside fingerprint technology. If that’s the case, Apple could present a long-lasting fingerprint reader that increases security while bringing a new aesthetic to the iPhone 5S.

Isomorphic controls would mean a user could set their fingerprint with the smartphone and then never need to worry about setting a password. Because isomorphic controls can not be easily cloned, device security would benefit greatly.

Apple has yet to confirm or deny current fingerprint reader rumors.