Apple $10k Prize For Downloading 50 Billionth App In Store Contest

Apple’s $10k prize will be going to the lucky person who happens to downloading the 50 billionth app from the Apple App Store.

The Apple App Store launched in 2008, and currently boasts around 775,000 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps. Over the years revenue from app downloads, in-app purchases, and subscriptions grew to an astounding $2.2 billion. The Apple App Store is the leader of the pack, accounting for 74 percent of total earnings.

Another Apple $10k prize was offered February of 2012 to celebrate Apple’s 25 billionth App Store download. The lucky winner was Chunli Fu of Qingdao, a city in eastern China.

Before you get too excited, the Apple $10k prize will be in the form of an Apple App Store gift card worth $10,000. So, yeah, while you’ll be pretty much set for life when it comes to buying apps and games the Apple $10k prize is not cold, hard cash.

It’s not just the 50 billionth download from the Apple App Store that will be a winner. The next 50 app downloads will also win you a $500 Apple App Store gift card.

While the Apple $10k prize is amazing, before you start downloading random apps like crazy you should know the rules. Teenagers can join in the fun, since the minimum age is 13.

The other big limitation for seeking the Apple $10k prize is that only 25 app downloads per day per Apple App Store account will be counted as entrants to the Apple App Store contest.

Will you seek the Apple $10k prize by downloading Apple App Store apps like crazy?

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