iPhone, iPad Gets ‘Google Now’ With Latest Update

iPhones and iPads now have access to the very Siri like Google Now. The feature came with the latest update to the Google Search app update.

The update has actually been a long time in coming, as the computing giant was waiting for approval for the last couple of weeks.

Now its rival has finally given the go ahead and iOS users can take some time and compare the services side by side.

The personal assistant service was officially announced for Apple devices on Monday. Up until this week the only way you could access the service was by using an Android device.

iPhone and iPad users will now be able to use the service that pulls together information from the entire Google library and funnels them through the search application.

While Siri is technically not even the same kind of application, there has been quite a bit of talk about how this update is a direct challenge to Apple.

That might be one of the reasons it took more than a month for the update to get final approval. The Cupertino company has made no bones about its desire to rid its devices of its competitor.

Apple Maps was supposed to be the first in a long line of moves to do just that. The epic failure of that application only set the movement back.

Like most applications like this, there are some pros and cons. When first starting up the app users are given the choice as to whether they want to record their location.

That recording helps the application serve the user better but some are going to have some privacy concerns. There is an easy way to turn off the location recording, which otherwise will be in operation whether the app is being used or not.

Do you think its a good idea for Apple to allow Google Now integration on the iPhone and iPad?

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