Drunk Radio Host Pulled From Air After 30 Minutes

A drunk radio host was pulled from the air after 30 minutes following an unusual broadcast. BBC Radio Stoke host, Paula White, was just beginning her final Friday broadcast when listeners and station officials realized she was noticeably drunk.

White has worked the Friday afternoon time slot for nearly six years. Recently, BBC radio executives made the decision to move her program to Saturdays. Friday’s show was her farewell to the weekday program.

Unfortunately, the final show did not last long as the drunk radio host was removed and replaced, 30 minutes into the show. White insisted, during the broadcast, that she was not drunk. She admits having “a couple of drinks,” but denied that she was intoxicated.

As reported by Huffington Post, DJ Denholm Siergerts replaced White, telling listeners that she was “not feeling quite well.” He stated that White went home and he would be hosting the remainder of the show.

BBC executives issued a statement, explaining that White was “unable to continue on-air on Friday as she was under par.”

As reported by BBC, Friends of White have spoken up in her support. Sentinel newspaper columnist Fred Hughes has stated that White is a talented radio host and to judge her due to an isolated incident would be “unfair.”

White is a 16 year veteran of radio broadcast. BBC officials have not commented on whether the drunk radio host will be returning to the air. White was scheduled to return to a program broadcasting each Saturday.

During the unusual show, she expressed that she was unhappy about leaving the Friday afternoon time slot. However, she was scheduled for a few weeks off following the final broadcast. She stated that she was looking forward to the break.

Unfortunately, it seems Paula White started celebrating a bit early. The entire 30 minute broadcast was recorded. The drunk radio host certainly left her final Friday broadcast with a lasting impression.

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