‘Pokemon X’ And ‘Y’ Land Trailer [Video]

Pokemon X and Y have landed a trailer.

The Pokemon world is chock full of rumors and updates lately, the latest of which includes the introduction of four new Pokemon, one of which may indicate a variety of mounts. Elikiteru, Yayakoma, Yancham, and Gogoat are the new additions (in the Japanese version) aside from the now 3D look and a world layout similar to France.

The new region in Pokemon X and Y is called Kalos Region, and its major city is known as Lumiose City. Updates have also concluded other renames for the new Pokemon. Only Gogoat’s name wasn’t changed, but the other three are now Helioptile (the electric lizard), Fletchling (the robin), and Pancham (the panda).

Helioptile is a shy electric-type and normal-type Pokemon with an area attack. It’s attack restores HP based on half of the damage inflicted.

Fletchling is a normal and flying-type Pokemon with a fire attack. Its speed increases with every successful round.

Pancham always has a leaf in its mouth and a barely effective look of intimidation. It is a fighting-type Pokemon which can switch itself out for another one in the trainer’s party during battle.

Gogoat is a grass-type Pokemon and a reliable mount that lets you access areas you can’t get to ordinarily. Its Horn Leech attack works much like Heliophile’s area attack, absorbing HP equal to half of the damage dealt.

The Pokedex is now broken up into three parts, each based on different regions of the world.

As for other updates, Gamefreak is likely waiting until E3 to reveal more of the juicy details you crave. However, as they have traditionally avoided E3, they may just rely on regular controlled leaks to feed your need to catch ’em all. In the meantime, keep checking back with The Inquisitr for whatever Pokemon updates we can get our grubby paws on.

What do you think of the latest details and trailer for Pokemon X and Y?