Lesean McCoy: ‘Vick Cheated’ In Footrace Because He’s Old

LeSean McCoy says that Micheal Vick cheated in a recent footrace the two Philadelphia Eagles’ teammates ran. The men were engaging in a friendly competition during the team’s OTA workouts this week.

The scrambling quarterback has returned to the Eagles after an offseason in which there were plenty of rumors he might be done in “City of Brotherly Love.”

That friendly competition apparently took a bit of a sour turn after the quarterback beat his starting running back. The dual threat back had a bit of a down year in 2012 after missing four games and he appears to be coming back with a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

LeSean McCoy says that Vick cheated in their race, adding that his teammate is an “old man.” When the two did race, the 32-year old QB beat the 24-year old RB by about five yards in the 40 yard dash.

The younger Eagle says that the reason he was beaten so badly in this particular race was because his opponent left before the gun went off.

Not only is this a claim that should make you laugh, but McCoy says that he has video evidence. Once has to wonder if the younger player really had his feelings hurt so bad that he would try and show he only lost because of a cheat.

Vick hasn’t responded to the accusations that he left the starting point before the gun sounded. We also haven’t seen any sort of video proof that supposedly exists.

The reformed animal activist has managed to look like the bigger man while all this is going on. He hasn’t responded to any of the allegations and has apparently let his feet do his talking for him.

Do you think LeSean McCoy is right in saying that Michael Vick cheated in their race or should he just let it go?