College Quarterback Stabbing Leads To Arrest

A man accused of injuring a college quarterback in a vicious stabbing attack was placed under arrest this week, according to local authorities. Trevor Sasek, a 22-year-old University of Delaware football player, is recovering from surgery after being stabbed three times during an altercation early Sunday morning in Newark.

On Monday, police arrested 25-year-old Michael J. Creed in connection with the violent incident. He has been charged with first-degree assault and possession of a deadly weapon during commission of a felony. A motive in the attack has not been confirmed pending further investigation.

According to authorities, the stabbing occurred shortly after 1 am Sunday morning. Trevor Sasek and several teammates were apparently leaving a local pizza restaurant when the altercation began.

Surveillance footage obtained by police apparently captured Michael Creed verbally assaulting the quarterback and his friends as they stood in the parking area.

When Sasek moved forward to confront the man, Creed briefly leaned into a nearby vehicle. Once they were face-to-face, the University of Delaware quarterback allegedly took hold of the suspect’s shoulder.

At this point in the altercation, police indicate that Creed made several stabbing motions toward the football player before fleeing the scene to avoid arrest. Sasek sustained three stab wounds to the chest and stomach and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

The victim underwent surgery for his injuries at Christiana Hospital and was considered to be in stable condition late Sunday. The following day, a spokesperson at the medical facility indicated that the quarterback was no longer listed as a patient. It remains unclear if Sasek was released or is receiving care at a different location.

Eyewitness accounts and video surveillance of the quarterback stabbing played key roles in leading investigators to identify and arrest Michael Creed as the person behind the attack. Information regarding the suspect’s bail or legal representation is not currently available.

[Top image via Shutterstock]