$22K Ring Flushed Down Toilet

Hampton, VA – A woman recently flushed a $22K anniversary ring right down the toilet last Friday (May 10).

The unidentified lady, who is from Richmond, was visiting friends in the area when the incident took place. The woman explained that she had removed her ring while washing her hands in the bathroom. She told reportedly knocked the ring into the toilet that was already flushing as she was drying off the counter.

A professional plumber was soon called to the Hampton residence to retrieve the diamond anniversary ring. Although he spent quite a bit of time pumping raw sewage from the septic system, he was unable to locate the pricey possession.

The woman called the Hampton Public Works on Monday and told them about the $22K ring that she had accidentally flushed down the toilet. The workers accepted the mission and set up filters to catch the item.

On Tuesday, the woman was informed that employees made managed to local the anniversary ring. Staff involved with retrieving the missing ring were given $25 gift cards courtesy of an employee rewards program.

The unidentified woman was also extremely grateful to the workers who found the ring. She penned a letter to the City of Hampton praising them for a job well done.

“We cannot express enough gratitude to everyone who had a role in recovering this very special ring to us. It’s not only the monetary value of the ring, but also the sentimental value that could not be replaced. Please do anything and everything you can to acknowledge their dedication, honesty and hard work,” she wrote.

This isn’t the only missing ring story to pop up in recent months. The Inquisitr reported last August that a garbage man in New York helped a lady find her missing ring. Gary Gaddist volunteered to dig through quite a bit of trash in an effort to find the missing possession. He called his decision to help the woman a “love thing.”

What do you think about the woman who flushed a $22K anniversary ring down the toilet?

[Image via Shutterstock.com]