Vin Diesel Discusses Upcoming ‘Kojak’ Movie [Video]

Vin Diesel opened up about his role in the Kojak movie during his appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show over the weekend.

The actor is busy promoting the upcoming action flick Fast and Furious 6, which is slated to open in theaters later this month. After talking about the sequel for a while, the conversation soon turned to his participation in the big-screen adaptation of Kojak.

Not much information about the project has bubbled to the surface since it was announced late last year. However, Diesel told Ross that he was indeed starring in the project.

“I am doing the role. [I have] huge shoes [to fill],” the actor confirmed. However, it’s apparent from the interview that Vin Diesel is taking this role very seriously.

“[The original show] was shot in my neighborhood growing up, in the village, downtown New York so I would see Telly Savalas when I was a kid coming into my building and he had no idea that someday I would portray him, portray Kojak,” he explained.

Diesel also reluctantly discussed his days as a break dancer in New York City. Jonathan Ross somehow managed to obtain video of the actor showcasing his skills back in 1984. Diesel was only 16 years old at the time. The clip can be found in the embedded video at around the nine minute mark. He’s the guy on the right side of the screen.

Kojak isn’t the only project the busy actor has looming on the horizon. Diesel is also attached to star in The Machine for MGM and The Last Witch Hunter from director Breck Eisner. Both features are likely to find their way into theaters across the country at some point next year.

Are you fan of action star Vin Diesel? What do you think about the actor tackling the role of Kojak in the big-screen adaptation?