Tim Tebow Plays One Drive For New York Jets, Fails To Provide Spark

Tim Tebow finally saw the field for an extended stretch for the New York Jets, and the hard-running quarterback didn't have much to show for it.

Locked in a struggle with the Tennessee Titans in an outright ugly Monday Night Football game and fighting to keep their slim playoff hopes alive, the Jets turned to Tim Tebow in the second quarter. Though Mark Sanchez had moved the team in the previous two drives, for some reason the Jets decided that would be the time to let Tebow take over, USA Today noted.

He took the team on a five-play drive that included two rushes from Tebow, a sack, and a delay-of-game penalty that led to Tebow throwing it away on third-and-16, ESPN noted.

Many Jets fans have been clamoring for Tim Tebow to see playing time, especially as Sanchez has struggled. He has been used only sparingly so far, playing a couple of plays from the Wildcat formation and serving as the protector on the punt team.

The move to finally bring Tim Tebow in during Monday Night Football seemed curiously timed.

"I'm not sure what they wanted to accomplish there," said Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden said. "Sanchez moved the team in his first two possessions, and they had good field position. That was a mystery to me. I'm just not quite sure what they want to accomplish with Tim Tebow as a quarterback in this offense. Clearly, they're confused, I'm confused, and I think a lot of people at home are, as well."

Of course, Sanchez didn't look much better than Tim Tebow. He came in on the next drive and threw and interception, one of four he had on the night.