‘Pokemon X’ And ‘Pokemon Y’ Go To France, Sort Of

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are set in France, almost.

There have been rumors surrounding Pokemon X and Y for some time now, including it being the end of the franchise vs simply referring to dimensional axes, and different existing Pokemon getting new evolutions and pre-evolutions.

New stories surrounding Pokemon X and Y revolve around images released, which have given us glimpses of the new Pokemon we will be seeing in the upcoming 3DS releases. The four we know of include; Elikiteru, a droopy-eared electric lizard, Yayakoma, a small bird like a robin, Yancham, a mischevious panda, and Gogoat, the goat-esque creature that the player character is shown riding. Nothing yet is confirmed about other pre-existing Pokemon, though it has been noticed that some have changed evolutions from game to game for better or worse.

The world that our plucky Pokemon collector is said to be traveling in is now rendered in 3D, which may be familiar to fans of Pokemon Snap, the camera-based adventure for the Nintendo 64 and virtual console. The world it takes place in, according to the layout shown in Japan’s CoroCoro magazine, is called Miare, which appears very similar to France.

Could this mean Emma Watson, born in Paris, is a Pokemon? She certainly evolved well. We kid.

Miare may simply be the Japanese localization of the name for our hero’s new stomping grounds, but its similarity to France is uncanny, right down to the placement of something very similar to the Eiffel Tower.

As mentioned above, a new addition to the gameplay in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y is mounts. Gogoat may be one of many available in the game, or may simply be your mount throughout the game. Either way, this raises questions as to what the mount’s purpose may serve. Mounts in other games are usually useful for traversing areas you can’t normally walk on, jumping to different heights like a goat, or simply moving faster than you could on foot.

What do you think of the new updates on Pokemon X and Y, and its setting in a version of France?