Castro Brothers Knew Nothing, Condemn Ariel In Interview

As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, the Castro brothers knew nothing of sibling Ariel’s trio of captives kept under lock and key in the home despite the lengthy duration of their captivity — and claim to have been horrified by the shocking discovery made one week ago when victim Amanda Berry finally managed to flee.

In an interview, explaining the Castro brothers knew nothing of Berry’s plight (along with that of Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus and Berry’s daughter with Castro), one of the pair called their brother a “monster” and hoped he “rots in jail.”

Fifty-year-old Pedro Castro was arrested along with brother Onil and suspect Ariel Castro, and he said his main concern now is for the four victims of the Cleveland kidnapping — he explains:

“I’m just grateful they are home and out of that horrible house, and I’d just tell them I’m sorry for what Ariel done.”

Pedro Castro said learning that Gina DeJesus was one of Ariel’s captives was a bigger shock, given the Castro family’s relationship with DeJesus’ family as well as Ariel’s involvement with the search for Gina.

Pedro recalled confronting Ariel:

“You go around like it was nothing? You even went to the vigil. You had posters. You give his momma a hug and you got his daughter captive?”

Brother Onil echoed Pedro’s sentiments,

Onil Castro, 50, said he wanted Ariel to “suffer in that jail to the last extent,” adding:

“I don’t care if they even feed him … The monster’s a goner … This has torn my heart apart. This has killed me. I’m a walking corpse right now.”

Insisting the Castro brothers knew nothing of the horrors going on inside the house, Pedro expressed worry that the crime would continue to haunt the two cleared of involvement:

“I hope the world listens to us … You already got your monster, please give us our freedom.”

Do you think it’s unlikely the Castro brothers knew nothing, or are they too victims of Ariel Castro’s evil acts?