Happy Mother’s Day: Google Doodle Helps Create Electronic And Printable Cards For Mom

Happy Mother’s day to all the mom’s of the world! And if you’re not a mom but you forgot about this special day a new Google Doodle can help you whip up a card in no time flat.

The search giant on Sunday rolled out a new Doodle that actually creates a card for mom. The cards are specifically designed to look like arts and crafts projects which definitely gives them a touch of personality.

To use the cards simple head on over to Google.com and press the play button found on the Doodle. Google will then give you the option to draw your mom or choose flowers or a gift. Users can then choose the “materials” they want to use for drawing such as crayons, scrapbooks, beans, pasta, and more which are used to create the cards border.

In a blog post for the Mother’s Day doodle Google Mike Dutton writes:

“Naturally, we wanted to mix it up a bit and take things one step further … with something like a full-on card-building machine. Almost as if Google the Search Engine had a mom of its own and wanted to make some artwork for her.”

The Google Doodle program has created 27 different Mother’s Day card designs this year.

After creating your card you can share the design with your loved one online or even print them a high-resolution card to put on the fridge and save for safe keeping.

I made a card for my wife with the Google Doodle program and here are the results:

Google Doodle Example

Sadly that is better than I draw in real life.

Give the Mother’s Day Google Doodle software a try and let us know what you think.