June 19, 2013
Chris Christie Slams GOP On Sandy Vote, Says 'Shame On Congress' [Live]

In a heated press conference, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie slammed Congress and Speaker John Boehner in particular for their inaction on Sandy relief, referring to the "Speaker's irresponsible action" in allowing residents of New York and New Jersey to suffer for political reasons and letting posturing come ahead of the needs of strapped Sandy victims.

Chris Christie -- who huffed that he and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo "unlike people in Congress ... have actual responsibilities" -- railed on about the "toxic politics of Congress" that allow politicians to "use the citizens of this country like the pawns on a chess board."

The outspoken Republican governor repeatedly referred to New Jersey and New York contributing more than they ever get back, and excoriated Washington for abandoning the states in their time of need for reasons of political expediency.

Christie also expressed lack of faith in the lawmakers in Washington after the controversial Sandy vote, indicating he had spoke to John Boehner but that "there is no reason for me at the moment to believe anything they tell me."

Not known to mince words, Christie laid straight into his fellow Republican elected officials, repeatedly referring to "palace intrigue" and telling those gathered at the press conference:

"Last night, the House Majority failed most the basic test of leadership and they did so with callous disregard to the people of my state ... It was disappointing and disgusting to watch ... Shame on you, shame on Congress."

Visibly disgusted, Christie lashed out at those he says are "so consumed with their own internal politics, they forgot they have a job to do." When a reporter asked about the statement, the governor said he's "not dealing with the Tea Party," adding "I'm off it," and chastising the reporter to "come up with something else."

Christie repeatedly refused to disclose what had gone on between he and John Boehner privately, citing a wish to still work with the Speaker in the future -- but he did urge leaders to "have some guts" and act on Sandy relief, adding there was no "substantive reason" to oppose providing disaster aid to devastated areas of New York and New Jersey.

Below, Christie's tweets today on the "fiscal cliff epic battle" versus Sandy relief: