'The Walking Dead': Sneak Peek For Season 3 Part 2

The Walking Dead Season 3 Part 2 begins in just a few short weeks. If the spoilers previously noted by The Inquisitr are accurate, the second part of the ultra-popular hit show's season will be at least as fast-paced and exciting as the first half. A Walking Dead sneak peek of new spoilers indicates that Rick's mental health will play a significant role in the developing storyline.

While the prison group banters over the rumored inclusion of bring Merle Dixon into the fold, Rick's hallucinations allegedly continue to plague the fearless leader. During a recent The Walking Dead interview, Robert Kirkman reportedly hinted that the increasing weight of protecting the group while grieving over Lori and worrying about protecting the bundle of joy she left behind is going to toll on the former deputy sheriff.

Kirkman noted that Rick's hallucinations will become a "real problem" as he tries to lead the group, the Examiner reports. The Governor is expected to show an even more vicious side during the remainder of The Walking Dead Season 3 Part 2.

Preview videos show Andrea making plans to go visit her old the prison and The Governor questioning her loyalty to Woodbury.

The AMC hit series deviates from the popular comic book series and keeps even long-time die-hard zombie apocalypse fans guessing.

The Walking Dead spoilers indicate that although the second part of Season 3 will not go down exactly as depicted in the graphic novel series, Rick's group will not be at the prison for much longer.

In the book series, the group is forced to leave their Spartan yet safe abode after a vicious attack by The Governor, Hypable notes.