Farrah Abraham: ‘Stop Comparing Me To Kim Kardashian’ [Video]

Wayward Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham is really tired of all the comparisons to Kim Kardashian, and she’s right. Her sex tape got downloaded way more.

Still, Abraham has set sights on her critics, who accuse her of using her recently-released sex tape as a stepping stone to greater fame.

Distancing herself from the famous celebrity socialite, who arguably earned her fame through good connections and a sex tape all her own with former flame Ray J, Abraham insists that all of the money she earns will go toward her daughter and finishing her Master’s Degree.

“We are two different people, two different situations,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I also don’t agree with everything that she’s done in her life, so I hope to live my life a little bit differently. I only want to be a positive influence and show positive things.”

The 22-year-old recently sold a professionally staged sex tape with pornographic actor James Deen to Vivid Entertainment for $1 million, earning her no end of criticism from fans, media outlets, and even fellow Teen Mom stars.

Kim Kardashian shot to fame following the release of her own amateur sex tape in 2007, causing many to wonder whether Abraham is attempting to pursue a similar path. Whether that’s true, well, we leave it to you to decide.

In the interview, Abraham also talks about how she broke the news of the sex tape to her parents, with whom she shares a rocky relationship. She also breaks down in tears over her ex-boyfriend, who died in a car accident prior to her stint on the MTV reality show.

Are you a fan of Farrah Abraham? What do you think of the choices she is making for herself and her future? Is she just trying to keep herself afloat, or is she looking for her own personal fame? Sound off!