Kim K Lookalike In Ray J’s New ‘I Hit It First’ Video, A Shot At Kanye?

Ray J and Kim Kardashian may have a sex tape in common, but the reality star is currently having a baby with Kanye West — that has, however, not stopped Brandy’s brother from releasing a dis-filled video clearly referencing his former lover.

Kanye hasn’t addressed Ray J’s “I Hit It First,” but the song is peppered with Kim K references — references Ray J obliquely denied earlier this month when discussing the upcoming track. (That was before the video with a Kim K lookalike was contrasted with the clearly Kardashian-inspired lyrics.

A few weeks back, Ray J denied Kanye’s wifey was the subject of “I Hit It First,” saying:

“I mean a lot of people saying a lot of different things about the record. For me, the record is self-explanatory. Like I tell everybody, I’m not trying to put fuel on the fire. You know what I’m saying? We just want people to enjoy the record. It’s more so about me than anybody else.”

Though we’d argue using a Kim K lookalike is a certain way to put fuel on the fire and probably start a public beef with mildly touchy Kanye, Ray J continued:

“I don’t think nobody should be upset about something that really happened. I think when people do music everybody talks about they life and what they go through. This just my chapter and I think people need to look at it like that and don’t look at it for nothing more than that.”

Among the lyrics Ray J denies are about Kim K are the lines:

“She might move on to rappers and ballplayers … but we all know I hit it first,” and “I had her head going north and her ass going south … but now baby chose to go West.” Like Kanye?

Ray J also raps, “I gave her that really bomb sex … no matter where she goes or who she knows, she still belongs in my bed.”

Can Ray J really deny “I Hit It First” is about Kim K? Do you think Kanye is bound to respond?

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