Kim Kardashian Divorce: Why Kris Humphries Got Absolutely Nothing

Kim Kardashian’s divorce with Kris Humphries was settled after a Los Angeles judge approved an agreement between the two parties in April. Humphries failed to appear at each of the final two hearings and walked away with absolutely nothing after asking for upwards of $7 million in court.

The divorce became official after both parties signed paperwork, bringing an end to the 72-day marriage that fell apart in front of the whole world. Kardashian and Humphries married in August of 2011 and it didn’t take long before they split.

Kim Kardashian has since started dating rapper Kanye West and is now pregnant with her first baby. Kris Humphries has enjoyed the single life in New York City while playing for the Brooklyn Nets.

Humphries was spotted by TMZ back in February leaving an NYC nightclub with a unidentified woman, who he reportedly was very affectionate with inside the club.

The Nets’ power forward has been linked to multiple women since his divorce with Kim Kardashian became public, though he hasn’t come out with a “new girlfriend” just yet.

Humphries failed to appear at the first court date in April, which was mandatory, as only his lawyer appeared to represent him with an annulment in hand. Humphries believed the old couples’ wedding ceremony was a fraud put together for Kim Kardashian’s reality TV show.

Kardashian begged to differ and the judge agreed. The case went on with a traditional divorce and Humphries once again failed to appear at the court date a week after missing the first.

Once it was all said and done, Humphries received absolutely nothing after demanding $7 million from his now ex-wife. The annulment wasn’t granted, and each party was required to pay court costs as well. That’s 0-for-3 for the NBA “celebrity,” who also would’ve received a fine for failing to appear if it wasn’t for Kim Kardashian asking otherwise.

The judge was ready to slap Humphries with a financial penalty for being a no-show at court, but Kardashian stepped in and asked the judge to drop any fees.

Humphries may not have been fined, but he walked away with nothing to show for his 72-day train wreck of a marriage. When you ask for $7 million in court, from Kim Kardashian of all people, it’s best that you show up. Either way, Kris Humphries wasn’t there and Kim Kardashian got everything she wanted, a traditional divorce to close the book for good.