Macaulay Culkin Living With Drug Addict Rock-Star Pete Doherty In Paris

Macaulay Culkin is currently living in Paris alongside Pete Doherty, the former guitarist with the English rock band, The Libertines, who has a long history with drug problems.

This revelation has fuelled rumours that Culkin himself might be suffering a drug problem alongside Doherty.

The pair met through their mutual friend, the New York musician Adam Green, who recently toured the United Kingdom alongside Culkin. This saw the pair sing the Beach Boys hit single “Kokomo” when they appeared in the country.

The Sun has reported that Doherty and Culkin bonded over their love of poetry and acting, and the actor has admitted that he enjoys the “bohemian” lifestyle of the French capital.

A source told the paper, “Macaulay and Pete may seem an odd couple but they’ve got loads of interests and life experiences in common,

They bonded over their love of poetry and art. Macaulay can’t get enough of listening to Pete waxing lyrical about his painting and music. He’s always been a fan of extreme characters like Pete. Look at the way he defends his childhood friend Michael Jackson. Pete also loves talking to Macaulay about acting, as he’s been trying to launch a movie career.”

Culkin and Green’s friendship has seen the pair work alongside each other on a number of projects. The Home Alone actor appeared in Green’s iPhone movie, The Wrong Ferrari, whilst in a Berlin concert they also performed a over of Scorpion’s, “Wind of Change.”

Last year, rumours began to circulate that Culkin was close to his death and addicted to heroin, whilst reports also suggested that he was struggling to deal with his ex-girlfriend, Mila Kunis’s, new relationship with Ashton Kutcher.

Culkin appears to be a lot healthier now though, but it remains to be seen how his living situation with Doherty will effect this though.

What do you think of Culkin and Doherty living together?