Extreme Reality Showcases World's First Body Motion Game With 2D Cameras At CES 2013

Extreme Reality showed off the world's first body motion games that use a 2D camera at CES 2013. The games only require a standard 2D camera, plus a device like a PC, TV, Tablet, or like device to operate.

The games are also usable on various operating systems, including Windows and Android.

The Inquisitr had the pleasure of trying out Extreme Reality's PandaMania game, which features a dancing panda and works much like the game Just Dance, which can be played through the Xbox 360 Kinect and other gaming systems.

The plus side of the technology is that any device with a 2D camera can be made into a gaming console, negating the need for an Xbox Kinect or a Nintendo Wii system.

The company is dedicated to making 3D motion games available to anyone with a 2D camera. With the PandaMania game, they have certainly succeeded. The company also develops Extreme Motion and Extreme UI.

PandaMania launched to the Samsung App Store as Extreme Reality's first full-body motion-capture game. At first it was only available to Samsung Windows 8 OS devices.

The company also announced that they have made their Extreme Motion software development kit (SCK) available on a limited basis to selected game developers. They will be able to design and develop their own motion-controlled game using the company's patent-protected technology.

Elad Dubzinski, the CEO of Extreme Reality, stated of the launch:

"PandaMania and the Extreme Motion SDK represents an amazing opportunity for both gamers and game developers alike to experience motion capture gaming. By enabling gaming on standard 2D web cameras, we're evolving past the console and proprietary hardware model to any modern device, in any environment with lower restrictions on cost and availability."

Along with PandaMania, Extreme Reality also demonstrated Top Smash, a tennis game from Side-Kick Motion Gaming, and Beat Booster, a racing and adventure game from Current Circus Game Studio.

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