‘The Bling Ring’ Offers Soundtrack Including Kanye West, Frank Ocean And More

With Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring set to make its official debut at Cannes Film Festival, the listing for its awesome soundtrack has just been made available.

The soundtrack proves to mesh well with the film. For instance, can you picture Emma Watson lifting jewels from celebrities homes as Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights” plays? So can we.

The Bling Ring’s exhaustively long soundtrack is anything but typical, packaged as an eclectic taste of bombastic sounds ranging from the aforementioned Kanye West to Phoenix, and Frank Ocean.

For Sofia Coppola this will be incredibly different from then what we’re used to seeing from her. The usually melancholy portraits her work often paints will be turned upside down for a crazy ride into the lives of celebrity thieves behaving badly all in the name of fortune and fame.

The official synopsis for The Bling Ring is listed as follows:
“A group of celebrity-fixated L.A. teens begin burglarizing the homes of the rich and famous in this crime drama directed by Sofia Coppola, and inspired by actual events. As the members of the so-called Bling Ring begin taking greater risks to acquire the latest luxury brands, they quickly become the prisoners of their own ostentatious obsession.”

The official track listing for The Bling Ring soundtrack is listed as follows:

  • 1. Crown On The Ground – Sleigh Bells
  • 2. Hell Of A Night – Schoolboy Q
  • 3. 9 Piece – Rick Ross F/ Lil Wayne
  • 4. Gucci Bag – Reema Major
  • 5. Live From The Underground – Big K.R.I.T.
  • 6. Big Lights – Sammy Adams
  • 7. Cotton Candy – Brian Reitzell
  • 8. Dans Beat – Brian Reitzell
  • 9. Ouroboros – Oneohtrix Point Never
  • 10. Bad Girls – M.I.A.
  • 11. Sunshine – Rye Rye F/ M.I.A.
  • 12. Drop It Low – Ester Dean F/ Chris Brown
  • 13. 212 -Azealia Banks F/ Lazy Jay
  • 14. All Of The Lights – Kanye West F/ Rihanna & Kid Cudi
  • 15. Arabic Princess – Reema Major
  • 16. Locomotion – Plastikman
  • 17. Freeze – Klaus Schulze
  • 18. Everythang – Young Jeezy
  • 19. Halleluwah – Can
  • 20. FML – deadmau5
  • 21 – Money Machine – Chainz
  • 22. Dinsintegration Part IV – Bassnectar
  • 23. Levels (Instrumental) – Avicii
  • 24. Showers Of Ink – loscil
  • 25. Power – Kanye West
  • 26. Bankrupt – Phoenix
  • 27. Super Rich Kids – Frank Ocean F/ Earl Sweatshirt

Check out our personal favorite track below (NSFW):