Justin Bieber Is Getting Waxed, Twice

Justin Bieber’s month of immortalization continues apace. Hot on the heels of news of the teen star’s impending Springfield debut, comes an announcement from Madame Tussauds Vienna that they are close to finishing a waxwork of the singer.

It will be unveiled and accompanied by a flash mob on June 21. To take part in the mob the homepage of the Vienna website will soon be posting the moves to the song “All around the world” for participants to learn.

Vienna already boasts a waxwork of Selena Gomez who is believed to be in a romantic relationship with Bieber. Will their waxes be put next to each other?

Arabella Kruschinski, Director at Madame Tussauds Vienna, isn’t telling. But, instead said:

“We wanted to organize something special for our young fans. Therefore we are trying out this new concept for the unveiling of the wax figure. It’s all about taking part. Its not about how good you can dance.”

And for Bieber’s millions-strong ‘Beliebers’ the news gets even better.

One lucky fan will get to unveil the waxwork, but only if they possess romantic literary skills.

To be in with a chance to get up close and hopefully not too personal with the waxed heartthrob, fans are being asked to pen a love letter to the 19-year-old.

A panel of experts — love to know what criteria they’re using — will then pick the best one.

Austrian Times reports that on the same day another Bieber waxwork will also be unveiled in Washington D.C. Reportedly, the model will rock the pompadour hair and the singer’s current clothes style.

Washington’s ‘swaggy Biebs’ will then be moved next to waxes of Angelina Jolie (and her leg), George Clooney, Will Smith and Rihanna, according to the paper.

Hopefully, Vienna’s sculptors have studied footage and photos of the Canadian more closely than their London counterparts. Back in 2011, when the pop star came face to face with his model, UK media criticized it and said the waxwork bore only a faint resemblance to the then 17-year-old.

So, pens at the ready Beliebers, time to dust off that letter you’ve probably already written.

Bieber and the Believe tour are currently in Cape Town, South Africa. The teen has already performed one rapturously received show and is next set to play Johannesburg on May 12.