Jimmy Carter, Most Trusted Politician In America? [Poll]

More interesting news from that Reader’s Digest poll we’ve been writing about this week. When it comes to politicians, America trusts no one more than former president Jimmy Carter.

Carter was the 39th president of the United States, and at 88-years-old, he is the second oldest surviving president (oldest is actually George H.W. Bush by a few scant months). He served one term in office, leaving in 1981 after losing a re-election bid to Republican challenger Ronald Reagan.

Carter is probably better known now for his numerous accomplishments post-presidency than his presidential policies or record, but for whatever reason, he is America’s number one trusted politician, according to the Reader’s Digest poll of the 100 most trusted people in the country.

Carter came in 24th overall, which is higher than any other politician. Political figures such as Michelle Obama and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright beat Carter with No. 19 and No. 23 respectively.

Why Carter? Who knows? MSN Now opines that it might have something to do with his famous admission to having a lusting “in his heart,” which says to us that here’s a guy who will tell the truth no matter what.

But it’s more likely that presidents since Carter have been incredibly polarizing. George H.W. Bush promised no new taxes, have us new taxes. Can we trust him? Most people liked Bill Clinton and even still like Bill Clinton, but, you know, Monica. George W. Bush, you remember. Even Barack Obama. Nice guy, incredibly divisive political career.

Most of the people on the list are actors and A-list celebrities, which might say something about our priorities, but we won’t get into that here. Especially since Tom Hanks sits comfortably at number one. If it were Kim Kardashian, well…

Do you think that Jimmy Carter is our most trusted politician?

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