Toddler Missing After Triple Homicide, Presumed Dead

A toddler still missing after a triple homicide in Kansas is presumed dead, according to local police. The body of the child’s mother, 24-year-old Kaylie Bailey, was one of three victims discovered on a rural farm on Monday. A suspect in the murders is currently being detained.

During a press conference today, Franklin County Sheriff Jeffrey Richards confirmed that police are searching for the body of 18-month-old Lana-Leigh Bailey: “Information developed overnight indicating that Lana is presumed to be a victim of homicide. Finding Lana is a top priority for our investigators. We will exhaust every lead and follow up every tip until we bring her home.”

Kaylie Bailey and her daughter were last seen alive on April 30 and officially reported missing on May 3. On Monday, the young mother’s body was discovered under a tarp in the garage of an Ottawa, Kansas farmhouse.

Friends of Andrew Stout, who resided at the home, had grown concerned after failing to make contact with him for several days.

Stopping by the home on Sunday to check on his well-being, the friends encountered a suspicious foul odor permeating from the residence.

Stout’s friends notified police, who briefly surveyed the location and reportedly chalked the smell up to garbage. Unsatisfied with the officers’ assumptions, the friends returned on Monday to investigate further.

Within moments of entering the garage, they found Kaylie Bailey’s body underneath a tarp secured with cinder blocks. Police were again notified, and a thorough investigation of the farm was conducted.

Kansas authorities soon uncovered two additional bodies at the location, both male. The triple homicide victims were later confirmed to be Bailey, Andrew Stout, and another resident of the farmhouse identified as Steven White. However, subsequent searches of the property failed to locate the missing toddler.

On Wednesday, 27-year-old Kyle Flack was taken into custody in connection with the triple homicide. Flack apparently resided at the farm until Stout evicted him several weeks ago. According to recorded documents from the Kansas Department of Corrections, the suspect has a violent criminal history.

In 2005, Flack was reportedly convicted of attempted second-degree murder in Franklin County. According to records, after engaging in an argument with an acquaintance, Flack later returned and shot the man. After serving roughly four years behind bars for the crime, Flack was released on parole.

Prosecutors have indicated that Flack will most likely face charges of first-degree murder in the recent triple homicide case. Meanwhile, Kansas police will continue their search for the body of the missing toddler.

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