Three Bodies Found On Kansas Farm

Three bodies found on a farm in Kansas this week could be linked to a recent missing persons case. The grisly discovery has prompted widespread speculation that one of the victims may be 21-year-old Kaylie Bailey, who was last seen six days ago.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that three bodies were found on farm property situated west of Ottawa on Monday. According to authorities, the victims — two adult males and one adult female — were likely the victims of foul play.

“This is three homicides on one very large scene,” Sheriff Jeff Richards stated during a news conference on Tuesday. “We have more than 40 detectives here with various agencies to investigate this crime.”

Police have chosen not to release specific details regarding the three bodies, including the exact time or cause of death for each victim.

“The manner of death is going to be something…it’s going to be important to this investigation,” Richards explained. “So, I don’t want to reveal anything that might be to crucial to helping us solve this case.”

Sheriff Richards also declined to confirm any possible connection to the disappearance of Kansas City resident Kaylie Bailey.

The 21-year-old woman was reportedly last seen on April 30, accompanied by her one-year-old daughter, Lana. Both were officially reported missing on May 3.

Although police will not confirm if Bailey was one of the victims found on the farm, the person who first discovered the female body claims she recognized the missing woman immediately.

Kortni McGill and Corey Scholtzhauser visited the farm on Sunday. They had grown concerned about Andrew Stout, a friend residing at the property, after failing to reach him for nearly two weeks. According to McGill, she and Scholtzhauser quickly noticed a foul odor coming from the home.

They notified police, who reportedly spent a brief amount of time looking about the property. McGill claims the officers dismissed the smell as garbage and left the scene. Still concerned with being unable to reach her friend, McGill decided to return to the property to further investigate the smell.

McGill, Schlotzhauer, and Shona Osladil arrived at the farm on Monday, this time entering the garage. Within minutes of stepping inside, McGill noticed a tarp held down with cinder blocks resting underneath a table. Taking a closer look, the concerned friend was shocked by what she found.

“I reached down and saw teeth through the square in the cinder block,” McGill said of the horrifying discovery of a female body. She also claims that upon closer inspection, she recognized the victim as Kaylie Bailey. According to McGill, Bailey was romantically involved with Andrew Stout at the time of her disappearance.

McGill and her companions quickly alerted authorities to their discovery. Arriving on scene, police soon found that a total of three bodies were located on the farm.

While Monday’s discovery has yet to be officially linked to Bailey’s disappearance, Sheriff Richards confirmed that multiple males were reported missing in connection to her case. However, he did not confirm if Andrew Stout was one of those men, or if Stout was among the three bodies found on the farm.

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