Abenomics Bra From Triumph Seeks To Lift Japanese Economy Or At Least Japanese Bustline

The Abenomics bra is the newest concept brassiere released in fashion-crazy Tokyo, Japan by the Swiss intimates company Triumph. Branomics, the alternate name for the new design, can be examined in the photo tweeted below.

It’s a pretty simple concept — a gold bra that offers plenty of uplift and some red arrows pointing straight up, up, up. The inspiration is Japanese Prime Minister’s Shinzo Abe’s aggressive growth policy known as Abenomics. His aim is to reach two percent growth in two years’ time.

Well, boobs come in twos, so you can’t expect Triumph to pass up a hint like that. In addition to three toy arrows which nod to Abe’s “three arrows plan,” the Abenomics bra provides a two percent increase in volume with the help of a little extra padding.

Keiko Masuda, a Japanese spokeswoman for Triumph, offered this tongue-in-cheek message of inspiration: “We hope that, as the Japanese economy grows, we can also help bust sizes to get bigger.”

If not, why not?

The Abenomics bra is not actually for sale in the Triumph line. It’s a concept bra — an art project, if you like. Maybe one day it will pop up in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Who knows?

The concept was saluted as playful in Triumph’s announcement but that’s a bit self-congratulatory. One female Japanese cosplayer sneered and rated it, “not cute at all.” Charlie Pownall, a media consultant and journalist living in Hong Kong, called it “marvelously opportunistic.”

Last year at this time Triumph released the Super Cool Bra, which had built-in gel packs that could be refrigerated and then placed in the brassiere to cool you down. Brrrr.

I’m not saying that the 2012 concept got a chilly reception, but for some strange reason I think I prefer the Abenomics bra.

[photo by suttisukmek via Shutterstock]

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