Watch The Jodi Arias Trial Verdict Live Online

The Jodi Arias trial verdict is in, and will be announced at 4:30 pm Eastern time. Along with live-blogging, the Jodi Arias verdict will also be live-streamed online for those who do not have access to television.

Arias’ trial wrapped up on Friday with lawyers for the defense and the prosecution making their final statements. The jury announced on Wednesday that they had reached a verdict in the trial, which has been followed closely by the media since it began on January 2.

Jodi Arias is accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander in June 2008. Alexander was discovered in his shower stabbed and shot. The man was stabbed almost 30 times, shot in the head, and had his throat slit from ear to ear.

Arias’ defense team admitted that the 32-year-old was the one who killed Alexander. However, they asserted that Jodi did so in self-defense as a victim of domestic violence.

Before they went into deliberations, judge Sherry Stephens made it clear that the jury would need to come to a unanimous consensus on the verdict. The jury has been tasked with deciding whether Jodi Arias is guilty of first-degree murder. They can also opt for second-degree murder, manslaughter, or even outright acquittal.

Should the Jodi Arias verdict be guilty of first-degree murder, the 32-year-old could face the death penalty. For her to be found guilty of that, the jurors would have to agree she acted with premeditation in the killing of Travis Alexander.

The months-long trial has included Arias taking the stand in her own defense, breaking down at the sight of grisly crime-scene photos, and also listening to and explaining her incredibly graphic phone sex tapes in front of Alexander’s family. Arias also took questions directly from the jurors themselves.

The jury’s verdict in the Jodi Arias trial can be watched live online at 4:30 pm EDT. What do you think Jodi Arias’ verdict will be?