Charles Ramsey Interview Leads To Offer From McDonalds

After Charles Ramsey mentioned McDonalds in the interview describing how he rescued two kidnapped girls in Cleveland, the fast food chain is returning the favor.

Ramsey is being described as a hero after he helped two women escape who had been held prisoner for 10 years. He’s also become a viral start for a boisterous interview he gave describing his encounter with the kidnapped women.

“I heard screaming. I’m eating my McDonald’s,” Ramsey told ABC News’ Cleveland affiliate WEWS. “I come outside. I see this girl going nuts trying to get out of the house. I go on the porch and she says, ‘Help me get out. I’ve been here a long time.’ ”

Now McDonalds is taking notice of the reference. After the company received a barrage of tweets asking the fast food chain to reach out to Charles Ramsey,@McDonaldsCorp tweeted: “We salute the courage of Ohio kidnap victims & respect their privacy. Way to go Charles Ramsey- we’ll be in touch.”

A spokeswoman said the company and a local franchisee are planning to talk to Charles Ramsey, thanks to the interview name-dropping.

“We saw an overwhelming response on Twitter calling on McDonald’s to do something,” said the spokeswoman. “As we committed, we will be in touch.”

It’s not known if Charles Ramsey would accept anything, however. He has rejected notions that he is a hero, telling CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he was simply acting out of common decency.

“No, no, no. Bro, I’m a Christian, an American, and just like you,” Charles Ramsey said in the interview. “We bleed same blood, put our pants on the same way. It’s just that you got to put that – being a coward, and I don’t want to get in nobody’s business. You got to put that away for a minute.”

Anderson Cooper mentioned the FBI reward for information about the missing girl, but Ramsey again said he didn’t deserve it.

“I tell you what you do, give [the reward] to them. Because if folks been following this case since last night, you been following me since last night, you know I got a job anyway. Just went picked it up, paycheck.”

Here is the Charles Ramsey interview: