Nicole Richie Gets Bizarre Compliment From Rihanna

Nicole Richie made a pretty good impression on Rihanna this week after a high-class gala in Boston, it just may not have seemed that way to everyone.

The 25-year-old singer was enamored with the ensemble Nicole Richie wore to the Met Gala 2013, which included a long white Topshop dress with a floral pattern.

But the way Rihanna delivered her comment was bizarre at best.

“This b***h makes me throw up!” Rihanna tweeted about a photo of Richie. It was only by examining the hashtags that her intention became clear: “Best Dressed. 2013 Met Gala. Nicole Richie.”

The theme of the evening was punk, and Nicole Richie wasn’t the only one getting noticed. In one of her first red carpet appearances since her win at the Academy Awards, Anne Hathaway debuted a new blonde look.

Hathaway said the blonde hair was an experiment between her and her stylist, keeping in the punk theme of the event.

“I couldn’t believe it when he sent me the picture because he asked me if I wanted to wear archive.. He said, ‘Well, have you ever done anything punk, darling?’ ” Hathaway laughed. “Princess, maybe! He sent me this one and I said, ‘Oh my god, I love it. It’s fabulous! First and only [choice] as soon as I saw it!”

Nicole Richie, the 31-year-old Fashion Star mentor, also made a hair change for the event. She dyed her hair gray-blue and styled it in an updo.

“We wanted to look to be an elevated, next level kind of punk,” celebrity hairstylist Luke Chamberlain told Us Weekly about Nicole Richie’s look. “Something that could hold up to her incredible, collaborative Topshop dress.”

Ironically, Rihanna never got to see Nicole Richie’s look in person. She had a concert in Boston the night of the gala, though she showed up three hours late without apologizing to fans.

More photos of Nicole Richie and her “sick” look can be found on Us Weekly‘s 2013 Met Gala best-dressed list.