Fake Nuns Cocaine Smuggling Plot Ferried $35k In Drugs

A fake nuns cocaine smuggling plot was foiled in Colombia recently.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the fake nuns cocaine smuggling plot is similar to the way drug mules are run through the Mexican border. Drug runners rely on others to look harmless, and in one case an unwitting woman ferried drugs across the border with her vehicle because a magnetized strip was stuck to the bottom.

The fake nuns cocaine smuggling plot was discovered by an airport cop after the three fake nuns got off the plane on Colombia’s Caribbean island of San AndrĂ©s. The three fake nuns looked nervous and their habits did not look right.

When searched the three fake nuns were found to have packages of cocaine taped to a leg of each woman, ages 20, 32, and 37. In total, the fake nun’s cocaine weighed about four pounds and had an estimated value of about $35,000. The cocaine was enough for about 60,000 doses.

The three fake nuns face charges of trafficking, manufacturing and the bearing of narcotics. Police removed their fake habits and led them away to police cars in regular street clothes.

Police regularly find that plots like the fake nuns cocaine smuggling rely on people assuming they are innocent. Orlando Tobon, an expert on Colombian drug runners living in New York, says, “There are so many cases, and they are all different. Most of the people who bring drugs are good people. They have to be good people … They have to be educated, decent looking people so they don’t look suspicious.”

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