White House Press Corps Frustrated Over ‘No Access’ To Obama During Vacation

The White House press corps aren't too happy about having zero access to President Obama while he's on vacation. This just in: The White House press corps fail to understand the concept of "vacation."

Kidding aside, President Obama's Florida weekend getaway, which included a few rounds of golf with Tiger Woods, saw the press shuffled into radio silence, and they're not happy about it. They say they had "absolutely no access" to Obama with Fox News correspondent Ed Henry citing "frustration" over the lockout.The statement, per Politico:

"Speaking on behalf of the White House Correspondents Association, I can say a broad cross section of our members from print, radio, online and TV have today expressed extreme frustration to me about having absolutely no access to the President of the United States this entire weekend. There is a very simple but important principle we will continue to fight for today and in the days ahead: transparency."
What do you want to know, Obama's handicap?The White House did respond to these concerns, with Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest saying the following, per Mediaite:
"The press access granted by the White House today is entirely consistent with the press access offered for previous presidential golf outings. It's also consistent with the press access promised to the White House Press Corps prior to arrival in Florida on Friday evening."
What do you think? Should President Obama be allowed some privacy from the media when he goes on vacation?