Herschel Walker Nephew Won’t Follow In Uncle’s Footsteps At Georgia

Herschel Walker has a nephew who’s a top-flight tight end recruit, but the Georgia legend can’t convince his young family member to follow in his footsteps.

Milan Richard, nephew of the Georgia Bulldogs running back, is pretty highly rated himself. He’s considered a top-10 tight end recruit in the high school class of 2014, leading many to think the Savannah resident is a shoe-in to attend the University of Georgia.

But they would be wrong. Instead ESPN.com reported that Herschel Walker’s nephew is considering some other SEC schools. The four-star tight end recruit has narrowed his choices to Clemson, South Carolina, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt. Georgia, where Herschel won the Heisman Trophy in 1982, isn’t even in the running.

The final college choices for Herschel Walker’s nephew are even more surprising given that Milan’s parents, Bill and Veronica Richard, were also track stars at Georgia.

“I haven’t ruled anyone out,” Richard told TigerIllustrated.com. “I have a lot of good offers and I appreciate everyone who has offered me.

“Just where ever I feel comfortable is the biggest deciding factor. Where ever I go and I feel like I fall in love with the coaches and the people there. Also academics. Academics are a huge part of this for me to.”

Another possible reason Herschel Walker’s nephew is passing up Georgia is that the Bulldogs already have a blue chip recruit in tight end Jeb Blazevich.

“It is not that me and Georgia are going our separate ways,” Richard said. :It is just that they were going to take one guy, and Jeb and I knew what the situation was. He was ready to decide before I was, and I know we each had an equal chance at that spot. They got a great one and as of now they are only taking one right now so as of now that door is closed.”

It’s likely that Herschel Walker’s nephew would have difficulty following his legendary family member, but his reply to TigerIllustrated.com also indicates that he’s going to have a well thought out decision based on his own needs. Of course, if he ends becoming a star for one of Georgi