Madonna and Ritchie Quickie Divorce: Women’s mags devastated

Madonna and Guy’s divorce, could be over in as little as another week. The early settlement would be bad news for women’s magazines and the high priced lawyers.

The Sun says early settlement comes after their daughter Lourdes pleased with them to be nice. An insider said that Madonna told the kids they will live with Mummy in New York but will see Daddy often.

Its unlike Madonna to to smoke anything, let alone a peace pipe. The report of peace also covers other rumours that Guy and Madge’s staff are being rounded up and being forced to choose sides.

Choosing sides is hard, Madonna is allegedly a control freak, and Guy Ritchie says being in bed with Madge is like cuddling up to a piece of gristle. Madonna said that Guy Ritchie is emotionally retarded. Will no one think of the kids?

We at the Inquisitr kind of like Ritchie though, he seems normal, he doesn’t get Kabbalah and sneaks his kids out for normal meals, including the odd meat pie and chips. I suspect when Madonna finds out, the daily contact Ritchie is hoping for might not eventuate.