Would you drive off a cliff if your sat nav told you to?

A Polish driver had such belief in the satellite navigation system installed in his minivan that he drove into a lake completely ignoring the road closed, due to flooded lake signs.

Polish police received a desperate call from the man yelling that this passengers were drowning

“A man phoned in panic from his mobile phone. He managed to say that he had driven into a lake and he was sinking fast,” said Polish police spokesperson, Marcin Guzenda in Glubczyce.

Police, fire and emergency services were dispatched to the scene, to find the three travelling companions perched on the roof of their sinking minivan.

The sat nav had not been updated to reflect that a water company had flooded a former road to create a lake, one year prior.

Police sources said it was a huge lake and it was hard to understand why the Polish man had driven into it, when it was clearly a lake. What’s Polish for idiot?

via Ananova