‘The Last Of Us’ Invites You To ‘Meet The Infected’ [Video]

The Last of Us has a new video out inviting you to “Meet the infected”.

Naughty Dog has released a new video for the upcoming zombie game The Last of Us, showcasing the game’s Infected enemies. The Infected are the humans who have been recently overtaken by the cordyceps fungus, turning them into the undead. The legions of the Infected prowl the US after the strange plague nearly drives humanity to extinction.

The video released for The Last of Us begins with a sweeping zoom over a barricade in the street, in a city torn apart by the undead. Then we see a guy with a shotgun inside what appears to be a once-nice home fallen into disrepair, aiming the shotgun at someone or something on the floor either pleading for their life or trying to get back up. He pulls the trigger and the scene changes to someone seemingly punching a zombie off-balance.

Then we see a woman in a red shirt with a backpack, aiming a pistol at something just past the camera with a look of bewilderment or fear. She seems to be hesitating. Then we see someone or something falling down an elevator shaft.

We again see the deserted cityscape of The Last of Us before the scene switches back to a man in a hoodie firing a pistol at the camera. Then creative director Neil Druckmann speaks up:

“The focus of this game has always been about these characters. Every decision we’ve made has always been, ‘How do we show off this relationship? How do we build Joel and Ellie over the course of the game?’ We get you to care about each character and then how they relate to one another. Joe the character, there’s an interesting kind of conflict. Here’s a guy that’s willing to do whatever it takes to survive.”

The rest of the video is above. The Last of Us is slated for release June 12 for the PlayStation 3.

What do you think of the video from The Last of Us inviting you to “Meet the infected”?