Police Dog Eats Pet Hamster During Raid Over Alleged Animal Cruelty

Oldham, UK – Police dogs — as well as being vigilant, heroic, and, er, literate — also possess a rich sense of irony (certainly more so than TSA officials).

At least, that’s what we took from news that one cop dog has eaten a hamster while officers raided the home of an animal cruelty suspect.

As police in Greater Manchester searched the Oldham residence of 46-year-old Musa Khan, a police dog knocked a hamster’s cage over, setting the rodent free.

The Manchester Evening News reports that the dog promptly ate the hamster before being forced to cough it up. Sadly, the furry critter did not survive the experience.

While Mr. Khan did not face charges in relation to the raid, he was later prosecuted by the RSPCA after police found a parakeet with numerous missing feathers in the house.

Former hamster owner Khan pleaded guilty in court to failing to prevent suffering, despite defense lawyer Tim Hughes insisting the defendant had kept animals safely for many years. Said Hughes:

“[Mr. Khan] accepts keeping the bird in a cage that’s close to a radiator and TV in a room where an old cat has been.”

However, prosecuting lawyer Mark harper shot back:

“The bird was in poor bodily condition and had lost feathers. It could have been avoided with a regular cleaning regime.”

The court banned Mr. Khan from keeping a bird for two years and fined him £110. He was also ordered to pay £400 costs and a £15 victim surcharge; a trivial punishment compared to what his hamster endured.

Finally, just to confirm that dog-hamster relations can remain cordial:

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