YouTube Video ‘How Fighters Eat Their Food’ Spoofs Animal Version [Video]

YouTube‘s “How Fighters Eat Their Food” video spoofs “How Animals Eat Their Food”.

A recent YouTube video showing how animals eat their food has gone viral, spawning some clever parodies, including “How Animals Eat Their Food (Pokemon Version)”. The Pokemon version has a guy with long hair pulling parlor tricks to show how various Pokemon like Charmander and Blastoise might eat. The premise is so ridiculous it’s hilarious.

The video on how Street Fighter characters eat their food begins with two Orientals eating at a table with brown trimmed white walls, bottles of something yellow waiting as a beverage. One of them has a mustache and glasses, while the other wears what appear to be biking or combat gloves.

The camera pulls a closeup of the guy with the gloves as he says, “You wanna see how animals eat their food?” The other guy just keeps eating.

The guy with the gloves suddenly takes a drink of his beverage and slams it on the table, “Watch closely.”

He stands up quickly, knocking the legs out from under his side of the table, and then throws his fists into his food, yelling, “Hadouken! Hadouken!” Then he grabs a leaf of lettuce and munches on it.

The words appear on screen in the YouTube video, “How Animals Eat Their Food.”

He sits down again, grabs a piece of food, and then stands up with his arms straight out to his sides, fists clenched, spins a few times, and then falls, like Zangief from Street Fighter.

Next after he sits, he suddenly does a spinning uppercut, tossing everything on the table past the other guy, yelling, “Shoryouken!”

Next he falls backward, kicking his feet up through the table before grabbing something and munching down. Then he waves his fists from his sides, crossing them in front of him like Guile from Street Fighter.

Next he leaves the table, goes offscreen, and grabs a leaf of lettuce from there saying, “Yoga.”

The rest of the video is above.

What do you think of the YouTube spoof “How Fighters Eat Their Food” featuring Street Fighter moves?