Apple iMacs Get VESA Mount Option

iMacs can now be ordered with a built-in VESA mount adapter that makes it easy to mount the all-in-one, super-thin computer flush on a wall or on an articulating arm.

Apple displays and iMacs have been supported on the same type of L-shaped, aluminum pedestals since 2004 when they introduced a redesigned line of aluminum enclosed cinema displays. Since then, a VESA mount adapter kit has been available, but anyone wanting that option had to install it themselves. This is the first time shoppers have the option of ordering a Mac with a VESA mount installed by the factory.

According to the Apple Store, the iMac with Built-in VESA Mount Adapter is "ready to pair with your favorite VESA-compatible wall mount, desk mount, or articulating arm."

The new iMac doesn't come with a stand, so it's important to understand exactly what you're getting.

If you don't already have a stand, you can get one from Apple when you configure the iMac online, or you can order from a third-party. Apple doesn't feature the alternative mounting option on the Apple website. It only shows up in the store during the configuration process.

According to Apple Insider, the new thin iMacs were the first to ship in awhile that were completely incompatible with VESA mount adapters. The new built-in option is a response to feedback from disappointed customers who wanted the new iMac but wanted to be able to mount it on a wall.

There are creative advantages of ordering an iMac without the traditional pedestal stand even if you have no intention of mounting the computer on a wall or articulating arm. Imagine an iMac in the kitchen resting in a cookbook holder or an iMac in an art studio resting on a wooden easel.

The new choice in ordering a stand-free iMac with VESA mount is a little more expensive. Apple charges $40 for the alternative configuration.