WWE News: ‘Monday Night Raw’ Superstar Could Be Set To Join The Hurt Business

WWE superstar Bobby Lashley recently sat down with TV Insider and opened up about his desire to add another member to The Hurt Business. “The All Mighty” claimed that Keith Lee would be an excellent addition to the faction, revealing that being part of the group could take the rising star to the next level.

During the conversation, Lashley noted the comparisons between Lee and himself. According to Lashley, he also mingled with main event stars when he initially burst onto the scene, but never quite ascended to their level in regard to championship reigns.

Lee has had a similar trajectory since debuting on Monday Night Raw last year. He immediately entered into a program with Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre for Universal Championship opportunities, only to become a midcard star afterward. However, Lashley said that Lee joining Hurt Business could change that.

“Keith has earned respect from a lot of people. He has been going out there and doing everything he has to do. I think he’s the kind of person who might need a little Hurt Business in his life to take him to that next level. He is ready to breakout, as are others.”

Lee joining the faction might not be out of the question, either. As The Inquisitr previously documented, officials are reportedly considering a heel turn for the former NXT Champion.

As the report highlighted, the belief is that he’ll become a villainous character and be placed in a feud with a top babyface. However, given how often the company changes its storyline plans, that may no longer be the case for Lee.

Keith Lee appears on WWE television

Of course, Lashley and Lee will be opponents at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, which is scheduled to take place on February 21. He will defend his United States Championship against Lee and Matt Riddle in a Triple Threat match.

Lashley also recommended some MMA stars whom he’d like to see join Hurt Business. The United States Champion said that Josh Barnett embodies the faction’s “style.” He also expressed a desire to see King Mo and Daniel Cormier in WWE.

According to Lashley, the stable is here for the long-term as well. When asked about the company’s tendency to regularly break-up teams, he insisted that they won’t be disbanded any time soon. While noting that the members have disagreements, he said that they’re all very close behind the scenes and the fans can see that bond on the screen.