Colorado Teacher Tapes Mouths Of Students To Quiet Them [Video]

A Colorado elementary school teacher is on paid administrative leave after she reportedly taped her students’ mouths shut with Scotch Tape when they wouldn’t be quiet in the library.

According to Huff Po, the alleged taping incident took place on Thursday at the Fulton Academy of Excellence in Aurora, Colorado.

The teacher, who has not been identified, told police that as she was preparing to take the class to the library she joked that, “Maybe if I taped your mouths shut that would keep you quiet.”

The teacher then said that some of the children responded and enthusiastically asked to get their mouths taped shut, even the child at the center of the child abuse investigation.

Parents of the students, however, gave a different story when questioned on the incident.

“My daughter’s been in the house crying, begging me not to send her back to school,” Tenisha Bynes told 9News. “She said that she’ll do good in home school and she promises. She doesn’t want to go back to a public school.”

After conducting interviews with the students at the school police determined there was no probable cause to file charges or make an arrest.

The teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. It is not clear when the teacher will be allowed back in the classroom.

The school district issued a statement saying it’s taking the matter seriously and will conduct its own investigation.

“Due to privacy laws, we are unable to discuss these allegations specifically. When we receive allegations of this nature, we immediately contact the police, begin our own investigation and possibly place the staff member on administrative leave during the investigation. We do not condone any inappropriate adult conduct toward students, and we cooperate fully with the police,” said spokeswoman Paula Hans.

More on the mouth taping incident in the video below:

Parents: What would you do if a teacher taped your child’s mouth shut? Should this teacher be fired for her actions?

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