‘Zone Of The Enders’: Hideo Kojima Suspends Sequel Production

Hideo Kojima has suspended production on the Zone of the Enders sequel.

The Metal Gear producer’s other big game series Zone of the Enders is getting its sequel put on hold. After disappointing sales and performance of Zone of the Enders HD Collection, it was only inevitable.

During a radio show hosted by Hideo Kojima, he mentioned shelving the project until further notice. Zone of the Enders HD Collection did not live up to his standards after costing his company so much time and money. He also stated that the collection was not done by the original Zone of the Enders team, and the high definition aspect of the game probably frustrated them.

Hideo Kojima said, “Even when people abroad see me, I’m often asked about a Zone of the Enders sequel. Right now, nothing’s happening. We originally said we were going to do a sequel, but the team has been disbanded. … because of what happened, the producer and everything were cut, too.”

Hideo Kojima is probably going to focus on the Metal Gear Legacy Collection at this point, knowing that Metal Gear is a more solid sale, if you’ll pardon the pun.

A follow-up to Zone of the Enders may never see the light of day, but Hideo Kojima has said that if the gamers speak up and ask for it, he may cease suspension on the mech battle sequel. There are no promises, but if you let him know you want it…

It has been revealed, though, that Zone of the Enders HD Collection is getting a massive patch that basically reprograms the game to eliminate the graphical flaws the games are plagued with. The patch is planned for release free of charge for PlayStation 3 owners, but Xbox 360 owners are out of luck.

Sadly for Zone of the Enders fans, any future titles in the series are on indefinite suspension.

How do you feel about Hideo Kojima putting the sequel to Zone of the Enders on hold?